Base Unit Alarm
(Alarm Adaptor)

How Carephone Operates

The operational simplicity of the CAREPHONE system makes it impossible to misuse the CAREPHONE unit, even in a critical situation. The CAREPHONE base unit includes a remote control button which can be worn around the neck or wrist. Once depressed, the remote control button operates the base unit, from anywhere in the home. The base unit then makes contact automatically with the CAREPHONE center where CAREPHONE personnel are waiting round the clock to assist you. Direct contact is made through the telephone line without the need to use the telephone. The CAREPHONE center immidiatly recognizes the CAREPHONE base unit making the call which in turn puts all the cusomer information on screen thus enabling the CAREPHONE center personnel to assist you quickly and efficiently as well as to converse with you giving the optimum help possible. The CAREPHONE personnel can call you a doctor, ring your neighbour or relative, send an ambulance etc...
This kind of security everyone needs!!

The Carephone System - Base Unit

bulTwo way VOICE communication
bulConnected to a monitoring center
bulHighly sensitive microphone
bulA powerful loudspeaker
bulWaterproof remote panic button
bulWrist or pendant panic button
bulAudible at more than 200 sqm
bulOperates on an existing telephone line
bulRechargeable battery back up
bulElectricity fail indication & reporting
bulAutomatic choice between pulse or tone dialing
bulUp to 5 programmable telephone numbers
bulLow battery reporting
bulLine fault alert
bulNo installation
bulDTMF format
bulUpload/Download programming
bulOperator controlled voice communication
bulAnd much much more

The Carephone Security System - Alarm System

bulAll the base unit functions plus...
bul8 zone supervision
bul16 different codes per zone.
bulChoice of supervised areas
bulRemote or local arm/disarm
bulWireless PIR & MAGNET detector
bulWireless SMOKE AND GAS detectors
bulInstant or delayed alarm
bulPersonal code to arm/disarm
bulListen/talk in alarm state
bulKey on/key off reporting
bulConnected to any existing alarm system
bulActivated by dry contact n.o/n.c
bulSignals I.D to the CAREPHONE unit
bulIdentification by the monitoring center as an alarm cell
bulListen/talk in alarm state
bulVerify real/false alarm

The Carephone Monitoring System
bulDigital Display bul7 Different pages per customer file
bul2 telephone lines bulOver 150 details of customer information
bulBack up battery bulAutomatic diplay of incoming calls
bulDry contact output bulIdentifying cause of activation
(Panic button, Alarm, smoke, gas...)
bulOutputs to a tape recorder bulUser friendly
bulProduction of reports
bulDialing out
bulRS 232 output
bulRemote programming
bulAudibility control
List Of Recommended ServicesPotential Users
bulFire brigade bulThe elderly
bulPolice bulPeople who live alone
bulDoctor bulChildren
bulAmbulance bulThe disabled
bulSecurity company bulPeople who are ill
bulPlumber bulPregnant women
bulElectrician bulKindergartens
bulLocksmith bulVarious Businesses
bulAny person you want to contact in    
an emergency
bulAnyone who wants