Moked Enosh International (1992) Ltd. is a dynamic innovative Israeli Hi-Tech Company involved in the field of personal security and monitoring services. The company designs, develops, manufactures, markets and installs its CAREPHONE system worldwide to provide a comprehensive, tailor-made technological and commercial solution to emergency service and monitoring center providers.

The CAREPHONE is a personal security response system using a remote waterproof panic button, which activates a base unit located in the subscriber's premises. The base unit using 2 way voice communications is connected via the subscribers' telephone to a sophisticated computerized monitoring center, which operates 24 hours a day offering security and Peace of Mind.

Moked Enosh International operates six monitoring centers worldwide, including two in Europe and one each in Central America, South America, South Africa and the Far East, as well as marketing, installing and providing technical support in over 36 centers worldwide.

The Marketing Departments goals are to develop new markets for existing products, new products for existing markets as well as the location and realization of potential markets globally.

The Research & Development department is in constant touch with the needs, requirements and changes required by the customers for improving the products worldwide. The dedicated software used has been translated into many different languages to suite the customer's individual needs. Improving product quality standards and customer service are all included in keeping the CAREPHONE system ahead of its competitors. Currently the system is being further developed to operate with mobile phones, which will accommodate taxi drivers, long distance truckers and people who don't have regular telephone lines.

The CAREPHONE system has achieved worldwide recognition from communication authorities in many countries, including the American FCC, the German BZT, the British BABT and the European CE to mention but a few. Furthermore, the company laboratories, manufacturing department and the monitoring center are all approved by International organizations conforming to their strictest quality control standards.

Over the years the company has marketed hundreds of thousands of the CAREPHONE units serving various types of organizations, businesses and individual persons. Many subscribers throughout the world have turned to Moked Enosh International to provide them SECURITY and PEACE of MIND 24 hours a day throughout the year at a price everybody can afford, using the CAREPHONE System.

Moked Enosh International intends expanding its activities and is actively searching to penetrate new overseas markets and have its well-known CAREPHONE system, offering PEACE of MIND and Security, available in every city worldwide.

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