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The CAREPHONE base unit can be placed anywhere in the home or office - as long as there is an operational telephone line. It consists of 2 buttons, a powerful loudspeaker and a highly sensitive microphone capable of picking up sound more than 200 square meters around the unit.

The CAREPHONE base unit is activated by pressing the cordless remote button or from the unit itself.

The CAREPHONE base unit can be used on its own, or integrated into any existing alarm system.


The cordless remote button, which is activated by merely pressing once, is water-proof, allowing the user to take it into the shower or bath. It is worn on the wrist or around the neck for easy access.


Even in a critical situation, the system is foolproof. When the button is pressed, the base unit calls the monitoring station automatically, without any need to pick up the telephone receiver.

The monitors at the center immediately receive all relevant information on a screen, enabling the staff to identify and assist the caller.

The powerful speaker and highly sensitive microphone allow the user to communicate with the monitoring center from almost anywhere in the house. Even if the caller can not speak, the center will hear any sounds coming from a range of 200 square meters. They can then summon the necessary assistance.


The computerized center is equipped with speaker phones, computer terminals and other communications equipment. When a call comes in, the center operator can converse with the caller while viewing a screen displaying all the vital information previously supplied by the subscriber - including: family and medical telephone numbers, medical conditions and other pertinent information necessary for the center to assist the caller and summon the required emergency assistance. Even plumbers, locksmiths and electricians can be called upon immediately.

The operator acts as an intermediary to provide the relevant help immediately when called.

  • Fire brigade
  • Police
  • Doctor
  • Ambulance
  • Paramedics
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Locksmith
  • Relatives - Friends
  • Or anyone else you may need in an emergency
  • The Elderly
  • People living alone
  • Children
  • The Disabled
  • People who are ailing or bedridden
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone who wants SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND.


This system is ideal for anyone wishing to set up their own business in such an essential service and is an obvious extension for companies already involved in 24-hour monitoring or security services or who are simply on-call 24-hours a day:

Burglar alarm installation and monitoring companies

Other monitoring services

Telecommunications companies

Pager/Beeper services

Ambulance centers

Health and Social Services (Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Red Cross...)

Police - Security services

Fire Stations

For existing monitoring centers, the costs of extending such a service are minimal since the necessary equipment and staff are already in place. Other than purchasing the units and installing the specialized software provided by Moked Enosh International there are NO additional fixed costs.

Revenue is based on monthly subscription fees from users. The company may either sell or lease the Base Units. After registering, the users pay a monthly subscription fee of $20 - $40 (depending on the financial capabilities of the local market) for the center to monitor their homes or offices.

To provide personal Security and Peace Of Mind.

For example, if, only 5000 homes are monitored in a given community or region: 5000 x $20 = $100,000 Per Month!!!

After the comparatively small installation costs are recovered, the only expenses incurred are the salaries of monitoring personnel. For companies already involved in 24-hour monitoring, there are no added costs whatsoever.

Within a short period of time, a starting company can recoup its costs and earn excellent returns.

Moked Enosh International has already established numerous centers around the world. Thousands of satisfied organizations and businesses have turned to Moked Enosh International to provide them with SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND with the CAREPHONE system.


The units can be sold or leased to the "end user" depending on the company's business strategy. It is vital to note that the bulk of the company's revenue is derived from the monthly subscription fees and not from the one time sale/lease of the base unit.
The capital outlay for a company opening its own new operation will be recovered in a very short period of time.

Companies already operating an existing monitoring operation, will begin to earn almost immediately!!